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Taking flight in 1999 from the heart of the Middle East, AVIATIONEX quickly soared to new heights in the world of aviation support services. We began by providing essential services like permits, ground handling, and fuel for aircraft and crews, laying the foundation for a global network of trusted partners.

Today, AVIATIONEX calls Dubai, UAE, its home base, strategically situated at the intersection of East and West. This prime location allows us to seamlessly connect with key destinations across Africa, Europe, Asia, and North America, offering our comprehensive support services to a truly international clientele.

Our Mission

“To be a one-stop shop for all aviation needs among the leading aviation service providers in the industry”

Our mission is to offer our expertise and experience and shape it into technology solutions designed specifically for business aviation. We value our clients and take pride in the quality of our aviation services that make each of our clients feel special and exclusive.

Our vision

“To ensuring successful flight possible in short time”
We empower our clients to be able to personalize their worldwide planning according to their needs, on their short time, at their own time zone.
Customers Served
4,600 +
Flight Permits
3,400 +
Fuel Arrangements
2,100 +
Hotel Accomodations
2,751 +
Ground Handlings
193 +
Countries Served

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